To be a Volunteer... need to do these 2 things:

  1. Register as a volunteer (which kicks off a background check)
  2. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity (click on the Special Events or Game Days tabs above)

We're so glad you're here!

To make our Glencoe Youth Football program and this 2023 season successful we need you! We can't have any of our events or games without volunteers.

We highly & strongly encourage you to get involved. We understand families are very busy in this season but with some planning ahead its possible to make it work.

Sacrificing a couple hours to help on a weekend will not only have a positive impact on players but also on our coaches and GYF program. Volunteering will help lighten the workload and your service will help others thrive instead of burn out. 

VOlunteer hours required

As stated in your online registration form agreement, there is a mandatory minimum of six (6) hours of volunteer hours per Flag family & a minimum of eight (8) hours per Tackle family this season.

If you have multiple kids in our program, for ex: one kid plays tackle and another kid plays flag, you will only need to work a total combine of 8 hours of volunteer work for the entire season. 


NOTE: ALL volunteers must now be background checked BEFORE they can help.  It takes 1-2 weeks to get the results, so please plan ahead.  Register as a volunteer and get your background check started by clicking here.


Meet new people! See your family & friends! Lots of football! Have Fun!

Please estimate to help about two (2) hours of volunteering per shift. We will do our best to communicate as we receive the schedules and events as they come.

Volunteer fees are due with registration fees.

You do have the opportunity to get reimbursed for your volunteer fee. Make sure you use our volunteer link from Sign Up Genius so we can log and credit you your time.

If you complete your total volunteer hours, at the end of the season, you will receive your entire Volunteer Fee back IN FULL

Please check back frequently as the season draws near to sign up for various events such as Game Day help for: 

  • Chain Gang & Play Plotter (sidelines) for Away Games
  • Concessions, Clock Operator for Home Games

NOTE: If we don't have enough volunteers signed up, especially for AWAY games (about 4 people)... we will have no choice but to forfeit the game.