Location: Forest Hills Golf Course, Cornelius
Time: 8:30 am

This golf tournament is our biggest fundraiser for our GYF program & we need need volunteers to help assist with multiple committees such as gathering items before the event and help on the day of.

As of 6/22/23** We are also looking for a main person to shadow our current Tournament Coordinator, Connor, as this will be his last season organizing the event due to him relocating next season. If we're able to have someone shadow and take over, Connor is willing to continue to help assist us as he built many relationships over the years heading as our Golf Tournament Coordinator. 

These volunteer hours helping with the tournament will count toward your required flag or tackle volunteer hours for the GYF season.

Link to Sign Up to Volunteer

Want more information about the Golf Tournament? Please contact Bella Bybee

For questions about volunteering, contact Rachel Townsend.

The GYF Golf Tournament is on September 22nd at Forest Hills Golf Course.
  • The shotgun start is at 8:30 am.
  • Volunteers on the day of are needed between 6-7:30 am and the total event time is ~ 4.5-5 hours. 
  • One volunteer may be able to cover multiple bases on this list, and we don’t need each item to have an exclusive volunteer assigned to that one task.

The main volunteers needed are:

1. Raffle Items Storage and Sign Printing (1-2 volunteers): 

  • The person(s) responsible should be able to store raffle items, print signs for raffle items, and display descriptions of prizes with their retail value, which can be brought out early in the morning (6-7 am) or stored the night before the event in the Golf Pro's office.
  • Conner has all the vases/vessels for raffle items; he can either supply someone with them for labeling or bring them out in the morning. Also, we could have the same volunteers for items #1 & #2.​​

2. Team Basket Collection and Storage (1 volunteer): 

  • The person responsible should be able to collect and store team baskets, which can be brought out early in the morning or kept the night before the event in the Golf Pro's office.

3. Sign Set-Up/Take-Down (2-3 volunteers): 

  • The person(s) responsible should arrange sign set-up and build a map for which holes get which signs.
  • They should ensure suitable mounting for larger banners and can use Forest Hills' services if feasible. If not, they should recruit 2-3 volunteers to set up signs the night before the event, taking 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.
  • Take-down will occur right after the event and should take less time; this can be done in under 30 minutes. If Forest Hills is not utilized, Conner can provide a course map and which signs go on each hole.

4. Glencoe Decorations (1 volunteer): 

  • The person responsible should procure Glencoe-themed tablecloths, banners, and other items to make the set-up look Glencoe-oriented.

5. Giveaway/Welcome Package Gifts (1 volunteer): 

  • The person responsible should find good giveaway/welcome package gifts, collaborate with Conner, and keep costs below $500 if no welcome package sponsorship is sold before the event. They should look for items that have actual worth and avoid cheap giveaways.

6. Spreadsheet Management (1 volunteer): 

  • The person responsible should track the gross/net cost and profit, the number of tickets, mulligans, and raffles purchased for each player or team.
  • They should also track team registrations, who has paid, and who has not paid to streamline the registration/check-in process for the morning of the event.

7. Raffle Donations and Hole Sponsorships (1 volunteer): 

  • The person responsible should significantly push Glencoe families and alums for raffle donations and hole sponsorships.

8. Day-Of Needs (5-6 volunteers): 

  • The person(s) responsible should assist in setting up and check-in teams that have pre-registered, register teams that have not pre-registered, hand out the raffle and mulligan tickets, sell additional tickets, and direct teams to the driving and starting holes.
  • Place team cards onto golf carts.
  • Move raffle items to the banquet room for the raffle following the event.
  • Near the end of the tournament, corral all the players to the banquet hall to get food and gather prizes for the tournament (KP/Long Drive/Hole-in-One) and raffle.
  • A volunteer or two to announce the raffle winners would be ideal.

9.  Golf Tournament Photographer (1 volunteer): 

  • We would love to have a member from our Glencoe community who can join us on the day of the event to capture these moments for our 20th Annual Golf Tournament.
  • Photos will be used for marketing material. You do not need to be a professional, just someone who loves to do it and does a great job.