Flag Football

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K-2nd FLAG PLAYER Registration (K-2nd grade) 

FLAG PLAYER Registration (3rd-6th grade) 

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Tackle Football

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TVYFL TACKLE PLAYER Registration (3rd-8th grade) 

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CoachES & Officials

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FLAG COACH Registration (K-2nd grade) 

TVYFL COACH Registration (3rd-8th Tackle) & FLAG COACH Registration (3rd-6th Flag)

2024 OFFICIALS Registration

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Join GYF Cheer for grades K to 8th! Sideline & Competitive Teams.

2024 K-8th Glencoe Youth Cheer Registration is OPEN

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Glencoe Community Football plays in the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League (tvyfl.org). This league uses primarily OSAA High School rules, but with certain modifications, known as the TVYFL Titles. Rules changes are discussed by the TVYFL Board annually and are finalized prior to the beginning of each season.


You must reside within the Glencoe High School feeder boundaries or be a current student at Evergreen, Free Orchard, Jackson, Lincoln Street, McKinney, North Plains or Patterson in order to compete for Glencoe Youth Football.

If any student wishes to participate for a TVYFL Member other than where the student resides the student shall be required to have a waiver. The waiver is within the sole discretion of the presidents of the two Members at issue and must be signed by the president of the Member where the student resides and the president of the Member where the student would like to participate. Inter-association waivers must be fully completed and approved. The association president seeking the waiver must notify the granting president no later than July 1st. For players signing up after July 1st the president shall have 72 hours to notify the granting president.

Students attending private school during the Leagues season or students who have an approved public school intra or inter-district transfer may choose the Member that provides the most convenience in consideration of travel and family arrangements. The Student may play in either the Member in which boundaries the student resides or the Member the school street address is in, without any waiver. If the student desires to play in any other Member than as specified here a waiver is required.

Any questions in regards to obtaining a waiver, please email Glencoe's registrar.