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Open Volunteer Positions

Want a say in how GYF operates?  Looking to help the program a little more?  We need your help!!  GYF has a large number of open positions (both Board and non-Board) that we need help with.  The positions listed below may already have someone wanting to hold that position, but a little competition never hurt anyone!

Open Board Positions

  • President (limited to Board Members only)
  • Vice President - Tackle
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Volunteers
  • Director of Equipment
  • Director of Player Safety
  • Director of Officials
  • Director of Fundraising/Sponsorship
  • Director of Concessions
  • Director of Apparel
  • Director of Social Media

Open Non-Board Positions

  • Various Assistant Directors
    • Volunteers, Fundraising/Sponsorship, Concessions, etc.
  • Committee Leads and Members
    • Playing Time, Drafting, Bylaws, Rules of Play, Coach Training, etc.
  • Coaches (especially at the 3rd/4th grade and Flag levels)

You do not have to have a child in the program to help.  We simply will not be successful as an association without your help!

If you are interested, please send an email with your name, phone and which position(s) you are interested in to

Equipment Return

Any Remaining Outstanding Gear...

Please work with your Head Coach to get your equipment turned in before you receive a very arge bill!  :-)

Be sure to run the jersey and pants through the wash!!!

Please make sure ALL gear is clean, this includes shoulder pads and helmets.  There is a $10 fee if the gear is NOT clean.  There is a $25 late fee if equipment is turned in after the return date.  Equipment not returned within one month will be assumed lost and will incur the full replacement cost ($370 - one game jersey /  $405 - JV&Varsity - two game jerseys).

Air Quality & Practices

We follow the OSAA guidelines for when to cancel practices and/or move them indoors.  We utilize the Air Quality Monitor to make the final decisions.

Changes to 3rd/4th Grade Tackle

Beginning with the 2018 season, all 3rd/4th grade teams for GYF will play "Rookie Tackle" football.  This is FULL CONTACT TACKLE football.  However, there are some differences with standard football.  Namely, it is 8-on-8 and is played on a smaller field size.  There are no kickoffs, punts or PATs.  Check out USA Football's website for complete rules and FAQ. - Click here for more information.

This differs from the 2017 season, where GCF played "Contact Flag" football.


Glencoe Youth Football has joined the  Tualatin Valley Youth Football League. The TVYFL is a non-profit football club whose goal is to provide safe and enjoyable athletic competition. TVYFL is a tackle based football program for 3rd through 8th grade youth in the Tualatin Valley and Portland metropolitan area in Oregon. With 35+ football associations, the program now boasts over 7,500 players and 500+ volunteer coaches.


Looking for dates?  Check out the Calendar!

GHS Varsity

Support Glencoe High School Varsity Football.  Attend a game!  Check the schedule here.


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Our Mission


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